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How Quantum Pills Create the Ultimate Orgasm

In order to understand how Quantum Pills can maximize your pleasure and deliver the ultimate orgasm, you first must understand how the male orgasm works.

At the peak of sexual pleasure, a series of muscles contracts, including the pubococcygeus muscle (pc muscle), the ejaculatory ducts and muscles around the penis. These contractions deliver semen from the testicles through the ejaculatory ducts, through the penis. These contractions are intense and quick at first, but rapidly taper off until the entire quantity of semen is ejaculated.

These contractions are accompanied by an intense sensation of pleasure and release.

More volume = ultimate orgasm

By increasing the volume of both the volume of sperm and the fluids, generated by the prostate and testicles, which carry the sperm, Quantum Pills provide the body with a much larger payload of semen.

How much? Up to five times more than before.

This greatly increased volume of ejaculate doubles the duration of the male orgasm. Imagine - orgasms that last twice as long and are five times as intense!

Benefits beyond the ultimate orgasm

By boosting and toning the entire male reproductive system, Quantum Pills have effects far beyond simply providing the ultimate orgasm. Further benefits of Quantum Pills include:

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