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The Ropes - what are they?

Lots of guys have heard the phrase "The Ropes" - but surprisingly few really know what the term means or where it comes from. The purpose of this article is to fill you in on the ropes, what they are, why you want them, and where to get them.

Defining The Ropes

The phrase "the ropes" is slang from the European sexual underground, imported along with Swedish films. Ropes are the orgasmic contractions a man experiences when he orgasms. No one knows for sure why these contractions are referred to as the ropes - it's possible that the phrase is untranslated Swedish that just happens to sound like American words.

In the American porn industry, ropes often refer to strands of semen. Certain types of diet can cause the semen to form rope-like strands instead of pooling like a liquid.

Why would anyone want the ropes?

Okay, so the ropes are contractions you experience during orgasm. So what?

More contractions means longer-lasting, more intense orgasms. So when you've got the ropes, your orgasms not only last longer, they're also much more intense!

Porn stars use supplements to help give themselves impressive ejaculate volume. It's not only more photogenic, it's also a lot more enjoyable.

I'm convinced - how do I get the ropes?

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